Nature is spectacular and sensational. In all the interactions and balances of the elements in our surroundings that have nurtured all of us until this day.  We are destroying them for our way of living by

burning fossil deposits inevitably. Because we need energy to live on with our lives. If this situation continues, the beauty of our atmosphere as shown above will become a distant memory. Our world will become barely livable. Do not take it for granted.

   The spectacularity of nature that we have witnessed is phenomenal and should be conserved for our later generations to enjoy. Humans have realized this problem for decades and tried to put the efforts to come up with "green energy". Despite all the efforts that have been put in the process, the results are all in vain, our lives are still mainly reliant on fossil fuels.  Fortunately, There is a new idea emerging on horizon which will come to solve this problem. You have come to this site for a reason, not by accident. So go through all of this website and learn from it.