Mother Nature is such a sumptuous gift being bestowed to all earth inhabitants from the mighty powers of the universe. Mother Nature is the only one planet among her siblings who can support lives. Not only that she supports all of her inhabitants in her facilities but also nurtures them with all the balances of her elements. The proportionate balances of air, lands, waters and gravity. More importantly, she orbits around the sun at a certain distance in order to maintain the moderate level of radiation and she also revolves around herself thus all inhabitants around her can have a chance to expose to the sun which is very important for organisms. Most of them have thrived. There is one creature among them whose way of life have impacted effectively on Mother Nature. The impacts that could alter the balances of her elements. The impacts that could wipe out her precious elements in which she has saved for millions of years. That creature is human being. The way of life for humans is different from any other creatures as we have learned. They create needs much more than basic needs in life and pursue the courses to fulfill those needs. This drives humans to outsource the energies in order to satisfy those needs. Humans have striven from time to time searching for the best sources of energy. They have switched the sources of energy time after time but it seems to be on the wrong track every time. At the present time they settle down on fossil fuels. These resources are abundant until some humans feel so secured as if we have found endless sources of energy, wrong track once again. In fact, it is just a matter of time that the truth will resurface. The truth that will confirm that all humankind have moved their whole existence on the dead-ended road.    
       Our Mother Nature is so nice to us. She provides us with things that we need. Things(fossil deposits) that she has saved for millions of years. We pick them out from her purse to consume, then leave the garbage(toxic waste,green house gases,ashes) for her to clean up. Is that the way we should treat our nice mother? It is very despicable for mother this nice to receive the treatment like this. But it is inevitable because energy has become inseparable part of our lives. Now you are about to learn from this website that it doesn't have to be that way. There is an awesome way of life that we will cherish giving way for the well-deserved treatment to our nice Mother Nature.
       Now you all have learned the facts that we are moving on in real life. It is time to take this matter into a serious heed. If you are in doubt that we are on the wrong track or not; Please take your time as much as you want to think of the beautiful outcomes from the way we live on fossil fuels. In fact, you wouldn't be able to come up with any one beautiful outcome. That is the reason to determine that we are indeed on the wrong track. But what you are about to learn from this website is a long list of beautiful outcomes from this new approach on alternative energy. So please go on heeding the matters through the website and you will see that it is time to turn our energy structure into the new direction and this time, the power to change is entirely in you hands.